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Biopython on twitter

Just to let you all know, Biopython is now on twitter. And in case you missed the OBF announcement last month, so is the O|B|F News feed (and BioPerl). You are welcome to follow us (all) on twitter. I’d also … Continue reading

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Biopython and next generation sequencing

Those of you doing next generation sequencing may be pleased to know that the next release of Biopython is expected to include support for reading and writing FASTQ and QUAL files within our Bio.SeqIO interface. These formats are used for … Continue reading

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Biopython paper published

An Application Note describing Biopython has recently been accepted for publication in the Oxford Journal Bioinformatics. An advance copy of the Open Access article is available online: P.J.A. Cock, T. Antao, J.T. Chang, B.A. Chapman, C.J. Cox, A. Dalke, I. … Continue reading

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Biopython and version control systems

Initially for evaluation purposes only, Giovanni and Bartek have setup a mirror of Biopython on GitHub, which is automatically updated from the OBF hosted Biopython CVS repository. See our git migration wiki page for details. If this is favorably received, … Continue reading

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Google Summer of Code: Project ideas page

A wiki page for collecting ideas, possible projects, prerequisites, possible solution approaches, mentors, other people or channels to contact for more information or to bounce ideas off of, etc. has been setup:

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