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mediawiki updated

Updated mediawiki to 1.10 Did a bulk creation of a number of modules wiki pages for modules that had been previously created but not added to the wiki. Added them with default module templates.

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Updated PDoc software

Raphaël Leplae has updated the Pdoc software to have an improved stylesheet and fix several bugs including problems rendering Bio::DB::Fasta. Thanks a lot Raphaël and Patrick Meidl for getting the bugs reported and fixed for this nice POD to HTML … Continue reading

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mediawiki 1.6.7

Upgraded MW install for some bugfixes and security fixes.

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bioperl-network added to Pdoc

Bioperl Network package documentation added to the Pdoc site and is automaticly updated daily.

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Mediawiki upgraded

Upgraded BioPerl mediawiki to 1.6.6.

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RSS feeds

I’ve added a page about RSS feeds in BioPerl. These include links to CVS commits as a RSS feed. This a bit of a hack using cvs2rss and cvs2cl and I have hardcoded it to show the last 30 commits … Continue reading

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Bioperl ListSummaries for April 12-25

The newest summary of the BioPerl mailing lists has been posted to the wiki: April 12-25 Post gripes, harrassments, and faint praises at the regular places.

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