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Weekly Mailing List Traffic Summaries

I plan on starting a weekly, possibly biweekly, summary of mailing list traffic. These will be somewhat in the same vein as the Perl5 or Perl6 summaries and will be posted on the blog here and sent to the bioperl-l … Continue reading

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Mailing list reading with GMANE

GMANE has been tracking BioPerl traffic for a few years now. You can see the page here There are several interfaces there including threaded and BLOG-like. Those interested in tracking the mailing list in RSS readers should grab this link. … Continue reading

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Installation files added to website

Installation instructions for Bioperl have been added to the main Bioperl website. They have been updated with links and tags for the wiki. Currently, both pages are accessible through links from Getting Bioperl and Installing Bioperl; these links will be … Continue reading

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More website updates

WordPress 2.0.1 installed. Presumably no major differences to be seen but some bug fixes installed. A Wiki spam filter was installed, we’ll see how well it performs but trying to cut down on spammers. We also will try and setup … Continue reading

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Website is live

(reposting this news from O|B|F News) I am pleased to announce the release of a new website for BioPerl. The site is based on the mediawiki software that was developed for the wikipedia project. We intend the site to be … Continue reading

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Publications and projects which reference BioPerl

I’ve been updating the Publications page on the wiki to keep track of the number of pubs and projects which use BioPerl. Google scholar seems to get a lot of these correct, sometimes there are redundancies, but generally has been … Continue reading

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New theme

I installed the new Regulus theme, comments are welcome as to whether or not you like it. It is possible to customize the color scheme and top-image as well if there are suggestions – perhaps we’ll build a header which … Continue reading

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