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Reminder: Abstracts for BOSC 2009 Due April 13

This is a reminder from the BOSC 2009 Organizing committee that abstracts for BOSC are due on Monday, April 13.

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Biopython and version control systems

Initially for evaluation purposes only, Giovanni and Bartek have setup a mirror of Biopython on GitHub, which is automatically updated from the OBF hosted Biopython CVS repository. See our git migration wiki page for details. If this is favorably received, … Continue reading

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BioPerl 1.6 RC4

RC4 is up, we are days away from final release…

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BioPerl branched for 1.6, RC1 is up

BioPerl has branched for 1.6 and the RC1 is up for testing as Chris announced.

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BioPerl 1.6 preparations

BioPerl is preparing for version 1.6 release in the coming months. As part of this some restructuring and simplification of the packaging is occurring. Continue reading

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