BioRuby 1.3.0 is released

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of BioRuby 1.3.0.

The archive is available at:

Web page:
API documentation:
Bug report:

(Updating of is still
in progress. Please wait for a moment.)

We also put RubyGems pacakge at RubyForge as always.
You can easily install by using RubyGems.
% sudo gem install bio

You can also obtain bioruby gem file from

Here is a brief summary of changes.

* Support for GenBank/EMBL formatted sequence output with
improvements of Bio::Sequence.
* BioSQL support is completely rewritten by using ActiveRecord.
* Bio::Blast bug fixes and improvements.
* Bio::GFF::GFF2 and Bio::GFF::GFF3 improvements.
* Bio::Locations improvements.
* New classes and modules.
* Bio::Hinv
* Bio::PAML::Codeml
* Bio::TogoWS::REST

In addition, many changes have been made, including incompatible changes.
For more information, you can see summary of changes at

and ChangeLog at

In ChangeLog, the release date is described as 20 Feb 2009, which
indicates frozen date of the archive. I’m sorry I took much time
for the final check of the archive contents.

Hope you enjoy.

Naohisa Goto

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