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Server transition process to AWS servers

Our aging server which has run for 5+ years the OBF sites has finally reached end of its lifespan. We are currently migrating sites to AWS volumes and sites for a temporary period while we decide about how to continue … Continue reading

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BioPerl 1.6 released

Release Pumpkin Chris Fields has announced the release of BioPerl 1.6 – the first stable release in a several years containing many significant improvements and bug fixes. I am proud to announce, on behalf of the BioPerl core developers, that … Continue reading

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BioPerl 1.6 RC4

RC4 is up, we are days away from final release…

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BioPerl branched for 1.6, RC1 is up

BioPerl has branched for 1.6 and the RC1 is up for testing as Chris announced.

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BioPerl 1.6 preparations

BioPerl is preparing for version 1.6 release in the coming months. As part of this some restructuring and simplification of the packaging is occurring. Continue reading

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OBF Conference Call Board Meeting

The OBF Conference call is scheduled for 12:30PM to 2PM PST on Wednesday Nov 19, 2008.  Members of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation and those interested in the decisions are invited to listen in and participate.  A brief agenda is available … Continue reading

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OBF Board Meeting

The OBF board meeting will be held via conference call on Nov 19, from 12:30PM to 2PM PST.  Agenda items and information about participating is available on the agenda webpage. We anticipate this call primarily to manage administrative tasks for … Continue reading

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Are you going to ISMB/BOSC 2007?

If you’ll be at BOSC or ISMB – please see this page and sign your name if you would like to try and meet up.  We’ll do a developer’s dinner as well as have a BoF.

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Hey what’s happening?

So Mailing list summaries have stopped because we need someone else to help post these summaries. Not a light job unfortunately. If you are interested, please post to the mailing list or contact Jason, Sendu, or Chris for more details. … Continue reading

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HOWTO automate tree drawing

I updated the Trees HowTo with some code demonstrating how to automatically generate postscript trees from newick or nexus tree files. This uses the Bio::Tree::Draw::Cladogram module that will draw Phylograms or Cladograms. With a few unix tools (eps2png and epstopdf … Continue reading

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